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So, you need a website - whether for business, pleasure or fun.

If it is for business, then you also need to keep costs down.

An advert in a newspaper for a builder/carpenter/babysitter etc. is expensive because you have to put all your details/qualifications/jobs undertaken etc. there as well.

How much easier then to put, "John Brown, qualified plumber. Full details www.johnbrown........

Which takes less space and yet will get the same coverage.



Using GDI will enable you to build your own website, like the one you are on now.

You decide the domain name, and you get 10 pages, plus 10 email addresses.

Hosting and serving are also taken care of for you. The COMPLETE package.

Each page can be targeted, for instance,

my other website is

that will take you to the website and you can click links to navigate around.

However, if I do a campaign aimed at young mums, I would advertise

this targets the "family" page on that site.



The advantage of the email addresses you get, is that they are "cloaked" to redirect to your personal email address without giving personal details away thus reducing spam a bit. One of mine is

so, if you have any queries about this system please mail me, but this address is also on my movie page below anyway.

Easy to build, fun to build and if you decide to change your mind, no expensive costs, or time to change things just log in and alter whatever in minutes.

Full training and support is given, and if you wish to earn from the system I will try to help you there as well.

So what are the costs? well everything is turnkey, no hosting, finding a server, the graphics you see here and the animations on the "holiday" page are all templates - I wouldn't know where to start myself.

I was quoted hundreds of pounds for less of a service as this years ago, and would have to pay again for any changes I needed.



About 7 years ago I required a website for an entertainment business I had, and I found GDI quite accidently. Not being computer minded I joined and found that an IT idiot like me could use it easily!

I used the system, but no longer have the entertainment business!

Here's the deal. It only costs $10 per month (approx £6.50 currently)

for everything - the whole package as described above, and I pay by paypal so no currency or bank fees.

You get a 7 day FREE trial, give your details but if it's not for you just cancel. However, I think that you will love the system so much you will want to tell all your associates and friends about it.

You can just use the system, however if you DO network it, ie:  just tell other business users what a good find you've had - you will get paid.

Nothing is hidden from you here, this is how it is done.

I pay $10, the company keeps $5 for administration costs hosting etc.

The 5 people above me receive $1 each per month.

Anybody that joins because of my recommendation, I get $1 per month, so do and 4 above me.

If anyone joins you, you get $1, I get $1 and 3 above me receive the same each.

This is month in month out - see your pension appearing?

You can see the logic, it is a just reward from recommendation - which is more than you would get from say telling a friend about a brilliant garage that you may use.



You can actually build a nice little side line, or look at it as an extra pension because this payment is residual, month after month. You can even go full time! It's always your choice if you only want the website that's good too.

A full member of the Direct Selling Association

Number 37 in Fortune 500 companies

System used by -: ebay radio





Plus others really well known. Info on the site.


By the way, if you do join, you will also get a free personalised website to allow you to show your friends/family/prospects your friends/prospects what the GDI is all about without having to get into a complicated explanation! 


Thank you for reading this

Tom Wade  


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